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Google Storage plans get 5 times better

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I got an email from Google today saying that the 200GB of storage I pay them $9.99 a month for is going to now increase to 1TB. Awesome considering all…


New: Add-ons for Google Docs & Sheets

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We all have printed shipping labels at some point in our life time. Always best to get the Avery template you need in MS Word right? Been a MailChimp fan…


Time Warner Increases it's Download Speed for it's customers

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Nora called me this morning to say she got a message from Time Warner Cable that they were doubling our business internet speed from 50mbps to 100mbps and we just…


Is it possible to review changes made by collaborators to a document before publishing them on Google Docs?

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Answer by Cameron Crest: You can review changes to a Google doc before publishing a couple of ways depending on how you are publishing. Assuming you are publishing documents in…